Company Profile

Leontaki Plastics are active in the field of plastic in 1968, with continuous orientation to quality and consistency.

In 1968 the first store was opened by Charalampos Leontakis and worked in the commercial center of Thessaloniki, in 3 Verias Str. in a space of 60 m2, with little funds but with lust to work hard.

The main products then were greenhouse plastic sheets and he was mainly dealing with Greek farmers / producers and agricultural cooperatives.

In 1981 was built a 500 m2 warehouse on the east side of town, which was for many years the distribution center of our company.

In 1990 the company decided to expand into a new sector.The new target was the painting stores, building materials and DIY (do it yourself).

From 1991 and on,the new data imported by us (as visits to vendors / partners at regular basis, greater credit repayments, delivering the orders with new, privately-owned vehicles free of charge), Leontaki Plastics was established as the leader in the building/ DIY industry.

In 2002 with the construction of the Via Egnatia, our company buys on the new road up the necessary space to house the new warehouses.

In April 2005 the new, self owned,warehouse of 6000 m2, on the west side of Thessaloniki is a fact.

Today, stronger than ever, with new installations & vehicles, always checking the pulse of the market, we continue our progress, having spread to several new product categories, and always intending to direct service to the customer / partner.