Patch Handle Bags

From 4,96 incl. vat


Plastic patch handle carrier bags made from quality plastic. They are very popular as they offer great value for money. Ideal for those in the shopping industry looking for an alternative to plastic bags.. Most commonly used in markets, shops, cafes, take away outlets, catering outlets and other retail stores.
Sizes: 25Χ35/4 (120 pcs/kg), 30Χ40/4 (100 pcs/kg), 40Χ50/4 (60 pcs/kg), 40Χ 50/7 (40 pcs/kg), 18Χ25/4 (300 pcs/kg)

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25Χ35/4, 30Χ40/4, 40Χ50/4, 40Χ50/7, 18Χ25/4


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